Rose Castille

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Through our tenacious searching, we have found a soul of unimaginable complexity with a captivating story. Castille’s art takes the viewer outside of themselves and into an imaginary world - whatever it be. Each painting is a conversation, between the artist and the art, that evokes a hot cup of coffee: aromatic, tasty, and soothing. Castille’s work is a wordless narrative of her life and travel that evokes a vibration within the witness. We are proud to feature her in our gallery.

- The Board

I believe that some of the most beautiful art can be found when you are least expecting it. My wife and I were in New Orleans enjoying our French brewed coffee and eating at one of the local eateries off of the French Quarter when we noticed a lady who clearly called New Orleans home. Her necklace was as unique as she was, lips dressed in bright bold red lipstick and her creole accent emerged when she spoke. As we began to fall deeper into conversation, she motioned over to the wall where her watercolors hung.I was immediately captured and knew I needed to have one for myself. I also knew that the world needed the same opportunity. A connection formed and now Rose Castille’s art is a new addition to Carpenter's Fine Art Gallery.

“I have simmered in the hot wet climate of Louisiana, producing art on paper.  I filter what I paint through liquid color, marks and shapes. Every painting that emerges becomes an image of a deep part of myself.”

“I have found an amity in silence and solitude, choosing my art as my primary companion.”

- Rose Castille